Friday, October 1, 2010

Chicken and chips

Rock hard roast potatoes mean oven baked chips instead

Chicken and chips

Emperor D and I have recently become an uncle and aunt twice in the last four months. Our first niece was born at the end of May to Emperor D’s sister and partner; they’re pretty good cooks. Our second niece was born 10 weeks ago to my brother-in-law and his wife; our niece is very cute, the spitting image of her father. But as her father has never been one for cooking, I offered to take a meal or two for dinner over to my sister-in-law a couple of times. It never eventuated as they always managed to have something sorted. But because I had already flicked through my recipes books and found something easy that they could simply throw into the oven – white wine and herb roast chicken from July’s delicious. – I decided to give it a try for myself. 
Cooked chook looks good out
of the oven
It’s pretty easy – the night before, all the ingredients get tossed together in a bowl and then marinated in the fridge overnight. Or, if you forget to do it the night before, simply marinate for at least 30 minutes. Then throw in the oven and roast. It came out of the oven looking great. But this is a tragedy because the potatoes – which the recipe says should be kipfler, but of course my local Soviet Woolworths didn’t have any – were rock hard. Well, not rock hard. But they certainly were not in a soft enough state to be edible. I’m guessing that they needed to be a bit smaller or parboiled or the right type or something.

Chicken and chips!
Anyway, it was a minor disaster. I had cooked chicken and very undercooked potatoes. Thinking quickly, I had some of those healthy oven bake chips in the freezer, so I threw some in. What I ended up serving was interesting. The picture on the right says it all really. Kind of looks like fancy Red Rooster. At least the chicken was delicious. Chalk this one up to experience and try again!

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